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Lapel Pin 001

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Epola resin/hard enamel pin designed by artist and musician Roy Werner.

Roy Werner focuses on sample oriented composition through custom software written in Max/MSP. Often under the moniker G.S. Sultan, his sonic work attempts to force spanning source material into connotative and contextual equivalence via a translation of data into musical structures and cues.

<b></b>Art Vandelay is a publishing project that focuses on exploring the ideas of archive and collection, more precisely the accumulation and loss of information over time. <br>Each issue of the AV project is composed of a zine and a tape, both of which display the work of a single <br>artist. <br><br>In those works the final object functions as a means to dignify a content that was previously discarded or lost: the artist is empowered to act as their own historian and to search through their archives for older material.<br><br>AV aims at publishing emerging artists employing mediums that are generally underrepresented in print such as <br>performance, video, installation or sculpture. <br><br><br>